Curt T-Connectors


Today’s vehicles contain more complex wiring systems than ever before. Easy plug-in T-Connectors take the guesswork out of tow vehicle wiring by plugging easily into the vehicles factor wiring harness. • Complete One-Piece Design • Engineered and Designed to the Highest Industry Standards, Using only OEM Connector Assemblies • Built-In Tail Light Converters (Where Applicable) • Comprehensive, Fully Illustrated Installation Instructions T-CONNECTORS Application Guide Reference Key: Code: Indicates type of wiring system in tow vehicle. Refer to chart at right. Location: Guide to locating the tow vehicle wiring harness. Refer to chart below. PC: Price Code Conv: Indicates type of tail light converter in T-Connector Harness CP – Circuit Protected LS – Low Side Switched Tail Light Converter PWR – Powered Tail Light Converter STD – Standard Duty Tail Light Converter AMP: Listing refers to maximum supported amperage levels by the T-Connector, 4-Flat Connector or Tail light converter. Refer to the Amperage Chart above for additional information regarding amperage ratings for trailers and tow vehicles. Time: Average installation time listed in tenths of an hour (.5 = 1/2 hr.). As situations will vary, installation times listed should be used as an estimate. Wiring Codes: Defines the wiring system of the tow vehicle. A = 2-Wire System. Brake and turn signals share a common bulb filament. Usually identified by RED turn signal lenses. B = 3-Wire System. Brake and turn signals utilize separate bulbs. Usually identified by AMBER turn signal lenses. Requires a Tail Light Converter C = 2 or 3-Wire System. Determine at time of installation. E = Low Amperage System. The vehicle’s wiring harness is unable to support the additional amperage draw a trailer requires. Lamp-out sensors or other computerized vehicle systems may also be present. A Powered Tail Light Converter is REQUIRED. H = 3-Wire System with the OEM harness pre-converted to a 2-Wire System. M = Multiplexed Vehicle. Do not cut or splice into vehicle wiring. Powered T-Connector REQUIRED Footnotes: C – Requires vehicle to be equipped with an OEM (factory) tow package. E – If towing trailers equipped with more than one tail light/brake light per side, the installation of a Powered Tail Light Converter or dealer supplied harness is required (per Daimler/Chrysler owners manual). RED – Part numbers printed in red are Available While Supplies last.

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