Fill-Rite Particulate Filters



Particulate Filters are suited to handle contamination problems caused by dirt, silt and corrosion. They may be used with alcohol and alcohol fuel blends. Pre-filtering keeps your fuel cleaner and helps your engines operate more efficiently. MODELS AFFECTED: All products with ¾” outlet. 1200KTF7018 Particulate Filter Kit (includes Filter Head, Filter Canister, ¾” x 7: Galvanized Nipple, ¾” Street Elbow NPT) F1810PC1 KIT: 18 GPM 10 Micron Clear Bowl Particulate Filter w/ Drain Valve (Includes Filter Head, Canister, and Filter: 1” Inlet and outlet) F1810PM1 18 GPM 10 Micron Particulate Filter Canister w/ Drain Valve. All Products with ¾” Outlet.