Husky Liners Air Flow Tailgate

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Our Aluminum Accessories are the perfect product to help protect and enhance your hard working truck. Husky Liners® Aluminum Accessories product line includes Contractors Racks, 5th Wheel Tailgates and Sunshades. Our stylized louvered tailgates help reduce wind resistance. Contractor Racks and Sunshades protect your cab from shifting cargo. All Husky Liners® brand Aluminum Accessories are contoured to speci cally match your truck using all factory hinges and latch points. All products have Husky Liners New environmentally friendly nish that is applied using a multi coat process that provides a smooth and consistent nish and is made from aircraft grade aluminum. Our Tailgates are half the weight of a factory tailgate, easier to open and close, and help increase gas mileage.

Attractive heavy-duty aluminum truck accessories
• All Husky Liner Truck Tailgates and Aluminum Truck Accessories are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum.
• Husky Liners New environmentally friendly finish, is a multi coat process that provides a smooth and consistent finish… won’t rust if scratched
• Tail Gate has a louvered design that helps reduce wind resistance
• Tail Gate provides improved rearward visibility for trailer towing
• Husky Liners aluminum tail gates and truck accessories install in minutes