Superchips Cortex




Simply stated, Cortex is the best street-legal programmer you can buy with an industry-first two year powertrian warranty. Cortex delivers incredible power with tuning for the entire driving range, not just wide-open-throttle. Cortex could only come from Superchips – the best-selling brand in the business. Industry first 2-year limited powertrain warranty One part number per OEM for greater flexibility Tuning across the entire RPM range – provides greater increases in horsepower, torque and improved drivability Calibrate speedometer, odometer and shift points for wheel, tire and gear size changes for optimum performance. Adjust shift points, shift firmness, vehicle speed limiter and engine rev limiter Advanced transmission tuning features including manual adjusting of the normal driving shift schedule, 4×4 shift schedule and overdrive off shift schedule (specific Dodge models only) Data Acquisition information hub-in-cabin vehicle performance monitor with real-time sensor monitoring capabilities and vehicle performance stats like 1/4 mile and 0-60 MPH times Includes P