Weather Guard Pork Chop Boxes



WEATHER GUARD® has figured out a way to make use of otherwise unutilized truck bed space above and behind the wheel wells with these uniquely shaped boxes. They establish a great location for storing small parts and hand tools to which you often need quick, easy access. They’re constructed of either steel—protected with a Brite White ARMOR TUF® Powder Coat finish—or aluminum diamond plate (Clear or Black). Pork Chop Boxes leave plenty of room in the truck bed for hauling around your weekend toys. PASSENGER-SIDE STANDARD & DRIVER-SIDE STANDARD PASSENGER-SIDE WIDE & DRIVER-SIDE WIDE 171-0-01 (passenger) 171-5-01 (passenger) Ship Weight 36 Lbs. 170-0-01 (driver) 170-5-01 (driver) Ship Weight 36 Lbs. ALUMINUM STEEL 160-3-01 (driver) Ship Weight 53 Lbs. 161-3-01 (passenger) Ship Weight 53 Lbs. 173-0-01 (passenger) 173-5-01 (passenger) Ship Weight 42 Lbs. 172-0-01 (driver) 172-5-01 (driver) Ship Weight 42 Lbs. ALUMINUM STEEL 162-3-01 (driver) Ship Weight 66 Lbs. 163-3-01 (passenger) Ship Weight 66 Lbs.